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8 Cake Ideas For Easter You Will Love

You don’t get it wrong with cakes no matter how it’s served especially during holidays and family gatherings. Unarguably, as Easter Sunday creeps in slowly, what is your plan?  Maybe a brunch or lunch with families or even dinner or hangout rated 18.  Well, if you have your menu drafted already, let’s guide you on dessert. And, these cake ideas for Easter will surely blow your mind. So, shall we?

Like, how do you want it? Asides from other desserts and pastries ranging from Éclair, shortcrust pastry, baked Alaska, Ice cream, jam and chocolate filled doughnuts, milkshakes, smoothies and lots more. Cakes stand out.

Cakes on the centre of that table, including well-decorated cupcakes for Easter ideas, make a statement. Inclusively, give your table a  subtle décor, especially with these stylish ideas for an Easter cake.

So, if you have decided to go with our lush cakes ideas for Easter this holiday, you have made the right choice. Especially when you have a cake queen as your guide. However, to impress your invitees be it family, colleagues, and well-wishers. It sure isn’t a bad idea to include other pastries and desserts but don’t lose focus.

Let the cake stand tall. And leave them returning to their home with bliss-filled taste buds. Hey! Host, let’s get down to creating savour with these ideas for an Easter cake already. It also includes cupcakes of different sizes, shapes and décor.

8 Cake Ideas For Easter

1. Coconut Angel Cake

This is appetizing when comes to the taste. Coconut milk is the main ingredient in this cake. Hence,  savouring taste. Then including grilled coconut slices on the décor gives it an amazing look. So sure you cannot get over this fluffy cake. Get a bite already.

2. Rich Chocolate Cake

Do you know a baker who hates cakes? Well, that’s me. Yea! I go by this slang” don’t go high on my supply” But, chocolate cake made me break that rule. Now, I have chocolate cakes anytime, any day.

And I am unapologetic about it. Chocolate cakes give your tastebud warmth. Not to mention how it sits pretty with any form of décor and toppings.

3. Carrot Cake

If you are having kids over, carrot cakes should be on your menu. Carrot cakes are a highly proteinous dessert suiting for growing children with a sweet tooth. Though it is made with a little amount of sugar the outcome is amazing.

4. White Forest Cake

Cake ideas for Easter

White forest cakes aren’t for every occasion. Yea! It is for the old boys. Even in cafes, it’s rare to come by. Well, embellished with whipped cream give you all the savour you need.  Its position is immaculate on the table especially when each slice goes with cherries as toppings.

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5. Vanilla Cakes With Swiss Meringue Frosting

An everyday cake is vanilla cake. So, how you want yours is now personal. Yea! Baked with lime, lemon, strawberries, cookies and nuts is your choice.  The statement vanilla cake makes is the soft and fluffy look that gives tastebuds bliss.

6. Non-Bake Cheesecakes with Strawberry Toppings

Cake Ideas for  Easter

The cake that gives class. You cannot tell me otherwise. If not, I am here to listen. The serving of this cake also comes with a chic style too. So, if you have them classy ladies in your clique of the holiday celebration, this is a sure one of the cake ideas for Easter to include on your list.

7. Doughnut Coconut Bundt Cake

Image Credit: Country Living

If you feel like snacking for the Holiday, especially for the Easter break, then it’s a doughnut-like cake. And it goes with a variety of glazing and topping choices.

This cake when aligned properly on the well-decorated table then it can be served glazed either with caramel, chocolate, strawberry or milk. Then garnished with your favourite nuts or other fruit. Seedless grapes are inclusive.

8. Red velvet Cake With Strawberry Whipped Cream

This oil-based cake is a signature cake. It’s baked with the finest ingredients. Get your family and friends to munch on this cake already.

Also, all you need is a fork and saucer to enjoy the red velvet cake with its strawberry whipped cream together with your fav topping. How do you like yours served? And, lest I forget, cupcakes aren’t left out this holiday. Let’s see.

Cupcakes Ideas For Easter

Is there anyone who gets it wrong with cupcakes? If yes, let’s see. Well, the hack is that cupcakes open you to options to play with designs, shapes and sizes too.  So, if you have decided to include it in your Easter Monday family party you did well.

However, it is time to create beauty with cupcakes to suit both parents and their kids. This makes more sense when you give it a décor recreating different cartoon characters or even a religious signature for Easter. The holy family. This idea will surely be a hit!

1. LadyBug Chocolate Cupcake

Ladybug cupcake for Easter

Here, you recreate the children’s garden fun in the kitchen. They shouldn’t just have an evening outing at your place but a memorable one. Let them not just eat but have fun too.

2. Carrot Cake Cupcakes With Cream Frosting

Carrot cupcakes for Easter

This is Easter’s delight.  Make it more fun to suit your choice. A delicacy with cream frosting garnished with either sprinkles or nuts.

3. Lemon Cupcakes sizzled with Lemon

Cake Ideas for Easter

The papa’s choice I call it. Include this if you have them guys who love lemon. Do not uphold strict measures play around and recreate your image.

4. White Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

Do you have family and friends with a sweet tooth? This is it. It comes out sweeter when glazed with honey. Try them out

5. Vanilla Chocolate frosted Cupcakes

If you want to keep it simple, then it’s a vanilla cupcake.  Have an Easter treat with these vanilla cupcakes frosted with chocolate and any candy bar. And your Easter celebration is fulfilling.

How To Decorate A Cake For Easter

cakes ideas for Easter

It’s not just the cake, the taste, flavour shapes or design. But a cake standing tall on that table beautifully decorated. From the frosting choice be it swiss meringue, buttercream, fondant, or whipped cream, to the toppings, glazing, sprinkles and even the floral décor on that set table leaves everyone with the memory.

Getting the right tips on how to decorate an Easter cake tells the reason for the gathering even before saying. It’s a season, hence that cake should make a statement. Importantly, let’s compute decadence, vibes, elegance and class on one table this Easter Holiday.

 More so, am sure you have a design to recreate. These steps will guide you

  • Get your cakes off the oven and allow them to cool on the cake rack
  • Trim the cakes carefully
  • On your turn table, place a cake board
  • Then glaze the board with your frosting or glazing. This helps to keep the cake in place.
  • Now place each cake in layers. However, cover each layer with the frosting, you could glaze, or include toppings, nuts and fruits on each layer till all cakes get on board.
  • Finally, get down to frosting the entire cake using a pallet night and cake comb to produce a design of choice. Also, you can include floral arrangements that you love for the cake and table settings too.

Conclusively, It’s worthy of note that you cannot get it wrong with cakes. All you need do is recreate your choicest with our list of cake ideas for Easter mentioned. Yea!  You have an amazing Eater having fun.

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