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7 Best Plants For The Bathroom

Is the bathroom just a space for a bath? And should be left bland. Well, we think every room in your space needs a touch of greenery.   If you agree with this, which is your pick as the best plants for the bathroom? Also, whatever choice of décor you decide to give to this room, make it a place of rest. After all, the bathroom is the best place to grow house plants, especially for its environmental humidity, temperature and light exposure.

So, if your bathroom has no window or maybe a very small one, we think you should consider a variety of low-light house plants hanging beautifully as the room’s backdrop. More so, all of these plants like this are likely to survive approximately 4 hours of sunlight daily.

Well, these plants could sit maybe on the bathroom counters, a minimalist décor, the bathroom floor or they could be placed on the window sill. So if you have the window sitting southwards, the tropical plants should be placed there because they are cool with sunlight. And if it sits either Eastward or Westward, the plant that is humid and temperature conscious should thrive there.

Not to forget, the bathroom space is already cool and humid, hence these plants should be intentionally dampened. So they don’t become waterlogged. So, let’s dive in to see the lists of these plants best for bathroom.

7 Best Plants For Bathrooms

1. Bamboo (Bambusa spp)

Best plants for the bathroom

Growing up, the bamboo plant is seen growing around the window of our next-door neighbour. And one thing I picked about this plant is that it’s a runner plant. Hence, it is trimmed routinely. Bambusa specie is a tropical kind of home plant. They need wholesome exposure to sunlight.

And, if this plant is grown in your bathroom since it’s invasive, it should be controlled.  It’s also noted that this plant needs fertilizer to enhance growth, but it’s done timely. Weekly during other seasons and monthly during winter. Importantly, it has varieties that you can choose from, its soil mix should be slight with sand. 

2. Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra elatior)

Cast-Iron plant for bathroom

The best plants for a bathroom are those which blossom easily and hardly die. Even after destroying it, its tap root finds a way for continuity. You see why it’s called the hard-to-kill houseplant. Aspidistra elatior is a very slow-growing plant. Though I love it and you too would because its greenery is just perfect.  

This is seen as an outdoor plant. But, it can sit pretty in your bathroom because it can thrive in any condition like low and indirect sunlight conditions. And the soil used is well-drained humus soil. This plant’s drawback for growing indoors is, the flowers it produces do not bloom but do when planted outdoors.

3. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema spp)

It looks amazing when this variegated plant grows tenderly in an immaculate-looking bathroom. What do you think? A less stressful plant which thrives so well in any condition such as low humidity, dry air, indirect light and low sunlight.  And it’s a perennial plant that would still grow when you forget to do your supposed routine.

 As far as it’s kept away from leaky spaces within the bathroom that can destroy the leaves. Then, the soil should be a rich and well-drained mix. And they grow within ten inches to four feet tall.

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4. Croton (Codiaeum variegatum)

Best plant for a bathroom

This is an example of brightly coloured foliage. This tropical plant grows slowly but when given space can spread so wide as about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. So if you don’t have enough space for spreading, be sure to prune regularly. And it grows favourably in bright light, with high humidity and moisture.

Though too much water doesn’t sit well with the plant.  So, once it’s approaching winter and fall reduce the wetness. Notably, the soil suiting is rich in humus.

5. Ferns (Various genera)

Best plants for the bathroom

Having a florist around you, you get to see lots of these plants growing around you. Okay, the thing is, as of then, I don’t find them attractive. As I grew older I appreciated them. Ferns are loving and unique.

Well, ferns are spores-reproducing plants that survive in whatever environment. Whether constant or fluctuating. More so, some of its specie can even grow well on the shower’s hanger. Yea! Some of these species include Boston fern, Maidenhair fern and button fern.

6. Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides)

Best plants  for the bathroom

A sensitive indoor plant that is not easy to grow. This is because they respond to the slightest cold draft and sudden exposure to much heat. However a conducive bathroom space is a home for this plant, once there is a bright light for 6-8 hours, it can grow excellently.

This green plant with a well-bloomed immaculate flower can grow so large but can be controlled with frequent pruning. And the soil needed is well-drained acidic fertilized soil.

7. Orchids (Orchidaceae family)

For a girly bathroom décor with a jacuzzi for rest. Let this be the show. The Orchidaceae family comprises of so many species while some are planted directly into the soil others grow on other plants; epiphytes. So you have the room to make a choice. So, if you also do not have a too col bathroom, get them.

Importantly, these plants are small plants that grow rapidly in weeks but they tend to look amazing only when clustered. And as such, you may be needing more than one root in a pot.


With these descriptions on the best plant for the bathroom and having the bathroom size and window location in mind you sure can make the right pick of plants best for the bathroom. Thus, suiting and may thrive successfully.

We’ve told you about the best plants for the bathroom, if there’s anyone you think we missed, please feel free to drop it in the comment section.

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