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7 Simple Mirror Ideas For Bedroom That Can Brighten Your Space

 How do you get dressed for an important occasion or even go through with your skincare routine without a mirror in the bedroom as a guide? Still, trying to fetch me an answer? Well, while at it you can go on a tour with these mirror ideas for bedroom. Yea! This is a seamless expedition.

Well, having a mirror in your space whether it’s in a small or large sized bedroom sure makes a resounding accent. However asides from the focus it upholds in your space, it also is a very important piece in the bedroom.

Furthermore, bedroom mirror ideas not only inculcate an aesthetical visual to your space, but they also make your bedroom cosy, lighten it up and also make it welcoming.

After going through this blog post, make a choice from our list of mirror ideas for your bedroom, then take a mental note of where in your bedroom you would want to place a mirror. Once you have done that, take a trip to the store and grab yourself the exact mirror that your space needs.

When shopping for mirrors, please don’t forget to put details such as the mirror size, length, frame design and colour and room size into consideration.

7 Mirror Ideas For Bedroom

1. Mirrors on Either Side Of The Bed

Mirror ideas for bedroom

So, if you have a small room size, these mirror ideas for small bedroom are the go-to. Here, the mirror could be placed by the bedside table on either side. This view can be more accentuated with tableside lamps.

This positioning of the mirror gives you a welcoming and cosy aura once you step into the room. It also makes it more visible when the frame around the mirror is the same shade as the theme of your bedroom.

2. Mirror Above The Bed Headboard

Mirror ideas for bedroom

On minimalist or even maximalist home décor, the bed headboard captures your attention once you walk into the bedroom. So placing a nice stylish mirror just above it will draw more attention to it and improve the aesthetic of your space.

A stylish and classy frame on your mirror gives your bedroom beauty. Yea! Especially when it’s gold or a muted but loud colour. So, you should pay more attention to your frame. If you must get it, it should be right.

3. Place a Floor Standing Mirror in Corner of Your Bedroom

Full length mirror beautifies the bedroom landscape

The floor-standing mirror in the bedroom is giving everything you could think of. From its special duty, outstanding décor, the landscape and its ability to reflect natural light into your bedroom.

This is a perfect mirror in bedroom idea for the master bedroom. Yea! Let that space get a total boss aesthetic.

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 4. Mirror For Visitor’s Bedroom

Mirror ideas for bedroom

The importance of mirror ideas for the bedroom is, it helps you focus on your priority. For the visitor’s bedroom, hang a mirror therein to lighten the mood of that space. Just stylish and not sophisticated.

You could place the mirror just down beside the bed. Importantly, let the mirror frame conveniently go with the design of the room’s grandeur.

5. Fix Mirror On The Closet Door

This idea helps you save space and as well make the space look big. And improves illumination too. More so, it comes in handy and can be easily achieved. Just request that the closet door be panelled to the size of the mirror.

Nonetheless, it’s not an idea of choice in the kiddies’ room to avoid home accidents.

6. Go Stylish With Vintage

This bedroom mirror idea is an ideal choice for the Gen Z in your space. So if you looking to have them in the house, this mirror in-bedroom idea should be your go-to. Vintage designs make a statement and it’s loud and welcome attention.

This is always choicest amongst adults of this age bracket. A stylish vintage mirror in the bedroom could stand tall having a catchy frame is a nice watermark. This could be placed on either side of the bed, above the bed’s headboard or on top of the bedroom’s cabinet in a full length.

7. It Makes A Statement In A Windowless Room

Mirror Ideas For Bedroom

If you have a small room, like a student’s bedroom, this is for you. So, you got into this space and you needed it badly. How do you give it what you want especially without a window or a small one?

Here, a mirror in the bedroom plays an important role. Whether large or small, it could lie on either side of the bed. This maximizes illumination of your space as well as creates for you a self-made beautiful world different from how it was earlier.

And if your bedroom has a small window, your mirror can be placed close to the window. This is to mimic the dual window effect.


This list of mirror ideas for the bedroom has been listed not only to give your bedroom an alluring ambience while standing in for its basic importance. It also guides you in going on with the right decorative skill suiting for any kind of space and bedroom size.

So, if you intend to give any of these a try, let’s see in the comment section what the outcome will be in your space.

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