If you are contemplating a career in the dynamic field of logistics and warehousing in Canada, exploring high paying warehouse jobs in Canada will present you with enticing opportunities both on-site and remote. As the demand for efficient supply chain management continues to rise, warehouses play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of diverse industries. In this article, we will discuss some high-paying warehouse jobs, examining their roles and yearly take-home.

High Paying On-site Warehouse Jobs In Canada

Warehouse Operations Manager: $92,500 per year

A Warehouse Operations Manager is one of the highest-paying warehouse management jobs Canada and it bears the responsibility to oversee and direct all aspects of warehouse operations. This role involves strategic planning, coordination, and management of on-site staff. The manager establishes and monitors performance metrics, ensures efficient workflows, and implements process improvements. Also, the Operations Manager guides other supervisors and teams, addressing challenges and fostering a collaborative work environment. This role demands strong leadership, organizational skills, and the ability to make informed decisions to optimize overall warehouse performance.

Quality Control Auditor: $59,371 per year

A Quality Control Auditor is responsible for assessing and ensuring the quality of products within the warehouse. This role involves developing and implementing quality control processes, conducting inspections through visual checks or by analyzing samples, and collaborating with other teams to address any quality issues. Attention to detail, knowledge of quality control principles, and effective communication skills are essential for maintaining product quality and compliance with industry standards.

Procurement Specialist: $62,424 per year

A Procurement Specialist manages the procurement process for a warehouse. This role involves sourcing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and ensuring the timely delivery of materials and supplies. The specialist tracks orders, manages vendor relationships, and maintains accurate records. Collaborating with other teams, the Procurement Specialist ensures that the warehouse has a consistent and cost-effective supply of goods. This role requires strong negotiation skills, attention to detail, and the ability to analyze market trends to make informed procurement decisions.

Warehouse Manager/Supervisor: $51,909 per year

Warehouse supervisor jobs Canada are responsible for overseeing and coordinating all activities within a warehouse. This role includes managing staff, setting performance targets, and ensuring the efficient flow of goods. The manager supervises inventory control, order fulfilment, and shipping processes. Additionally, they are involved in strategic planning, budgeting, and implementing safety protocols. Leadership skills, organizational acumen, and effective communication are crucial for success in this role. The rich portfolio that the job demands makes it one of the high paying warehouse jobs in Canada.

Maintenance Technician: $55,761 per year

The role of a Maintenance Technician in a warehouse involves the upkeep and repair of equipment and facilities. This includes routine maintenance tasks, troubleshooting issues, and performing necessary repairs on conveyor systems, forklifts, and other machinery. The technician ensures that all equipment is in optimal working condition to prevent disruptions to warehouse operations. This role requires technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and a proactive approach to preventive maintenance.

Quality Control Inspector: $59,371 per year

As with any other factory, the Quality Control Inspector in a warehouse is tasked with ensuring that products meet specified quality standards before being shipped. This involves conducting inspections, testing samples, and documenting findings. The inspector collaborates with production teams to address any quality issues and implements corrective actions. Attention to detail, knowledge of quality control processes, and effective communication are crucial for maintaining high product quality and compliance with industry standards.

Shipping and Receiving Clerk: $40,061 per year

A Shipping and Receiving Clerk is responsible for managing the incoming and outgoing shipments in a warehouse. This role involves verifying the accuracy of incoming shipments, preparing outgoing shipments, and maintaining accurate records. The clerk collaborates with carriers, warehouse staff, and other departments to ensure smooth logistics operations. Attention to detail, organizational skills, and effective communication are essential for success in this role.

Material Handler: $37,050 per year

This is one of the most physically demanding of the high paying warehouse jobs in Canada. A Material Handler plays a key role in moving materials and products within the warehouse. This includes loading and unloading shipments, organizing inventory, and transporting goods to designated locations. The material handler may use manual or powered equipment such as forklifts to facilitate these tasks. Physical fitness, attention to safety protocols, and efficiency in material handling are important aspects of this role.

Inventory Clerk: $37,517 per year

An Inventory Clerk is responsible for monitoring and managing inventory levels within the warehouse. This role involves conducting regular counts, updating records, and reconciling discrepancies. The clerk collaborates with other departments to forecast inventory needs and optimize stock levels. Attention to detail, organizational skills, and proficiency in inventory management software are essential for success in this role.

Forklift Operator: $36,075 per year

Forklift operator jobs Canada involves operating forklifts and other powered industrial trucks to move, lift, and position materials within the warehouse. This role requires precision in manoeuvring the forklift, attention to safety protocols, and the ability to load and unload shipments efficiently. Forklift operators collaborate with other warehouse staff to ensure the smooth flow of materials and products.

Inventory Specialist: $42,900 per year

This role is also responsible for managing and controlling the inventory of a warehouse. However, it is a higher role compared to an inventory clerk. The specialist supervises the clerks and some other employees in a large warehouse. Additionally, the specialist conducts regular audits to ensure accuracy and resolve any discrepancies. Communication with other personnel is crucial to address issues promptly and maintain efficient inventory flow.

Order Picker/Packer: $33,754 per year

The role of an Order Picker/Packer in a Canadian warehouse is crucial for the accurate and efficient fulfilment of customer orders. Working within the warehouse, this individual is responsible for navigating through inventory using handheld devices or order sheets to locate items based on customer orders. Once the items are gathered, the Order Picker carefully packs them into appropriate containers, ensuring proper packaging to prevent damage during transportation. Attention to detail is paramount, as accuracy in item selection and order packing is essential to meet customer expectations. This role may involve operating equipment such as pallet jacks or conveyor belts. The Order Picker/Packer collaborates closely with other warehouse staff and follows established procedures to maintain a streamlined order fulfilment process.

Warehouse Associate/Worker: $34,125 per year

Although not one of the highest on this list, Warehouse Associate or Worker is one of the high paying warehouse jobs in Canada. The individual bearing this role plays a versatile role in supporting various aspects of warehouse operations. This position involves a range of tasks, including loading and unloading shipments, organizing inventory, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Warehouse Associates may use manual or powered equipment, such as hand trucks or forklifts, to move materials within the facility. They may also be involved in picking and packing orders, conducting inventory counts, and assisting with shipping and receiving processes. Attention to safety protocols, teamwork, and adaptability are key qualities for success in this role. Warehouse Associates contribute to the overall efficiency of the warehouse by collaborating with other team members and following established procedures.

High Paying Remote Warehouse Jobs Canada

Customer Service Representative: $35,775 per year

A Customer Service Representative in a warehouse context handles customer inquiries, order tracking, and issue resolution. This role involves providing information about product availability, shipment status, and addressing customer concerns. Effective communication, problem-solving skills, and a customer-centric approach are crucial for maintaining positive customer relationships and ensuring a high level of satisfaction.

Data Entry Specialist: $44,998 per year

One of the skilled warehouse jobs in Canada, a Data Entry Specialist plays a critical role in maintaining accurate and up-to-date information related to inventory, shipments, and other essential data. This individual is responsible for entering data into the warehouse management system, ensuring precision and timeliness. Attention to detail is paramount, as data entry errors can lead to inventory discrepancies and operational disruptions. The Data Entry Specialist works closely with various warehouse departments to update records, track shipments, and generate reports. This role requires proficiency in data entry software, organizational skills, and the ability to work efficiently to support overall warehouse operations.

Supply Chain Analyst: $97,612 per year

A Supply Chain Analyst is tasked with analyzing and optimizing the entire supply chain process within a warehouse. This role involves gathering and interpreting data related to inventory levels, demand forecasts, and production schedules. The analyst identifies areas for improvement, streamlines processes, and enhances overall efficiency. By utilizing statistical models and data-driven insights, the Supply Chain Analyst helps to reduce costs, improve lead times, and enhance overall supply chain performance. Effective communication skills are crucial to collaborate with different stakeholders and implement strategic changes that positively impact the warehouse’s supply chain operations.

Logistics Coordinator: $60,000 per year

A Logistics Coordinator plays a pivotal role in coordinating the transportation and distribution of goods within the warehouse. This involves scheduling and tracking shipments, managing transportation routes, and ensuring timely deliveries. The coordinator collaborates with carriers, freight forwarders, and internal teams to optimize logistics operations. Attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and effective communication are essential for managing the complexities of transportation logistics and maintaining a smooth flow of goods.


Forging a career in warehousing might be a good start if you are looking for a job in Canada. This industry does not only offer physically demanding jobs as most people think. There are skilled and remote roles available as well. The high paying warehouse jobs in Canada discussed here showcase the significance of skilled professionals in managing inventory, optimizing logistics, and ensuring the smooth flow of goods. As the logistics industry continues to evolve, these roles not only offer financial rewards but also provide opportunities for growth and contribution to a vital sector of the Canadian economy.