Canadian schools with low tuition that accept payment on arrival.

Money is a big obstacle for most students who want to study in Canada. Talented brains may find their aspirations impeded by a lack of appropriate cash. Fortunately, Canadian institutions recognise the importance of allowing every dream to realise itself. As a result, there are some affordable Canadian schools with low tuition that accept payment on arrival. This implies that you can pay your tuition after entering the nation, provided you have the resources to cover other aspects of your trip.

To ensure your acceptance, you must, however, pay a predetermined sum known as the tuition or confirmation deposit. The deposit amounts differ for each school. Some colleges just want you to pay between $100 and several hundred dollars as a deposit, while others demand a large percentage of the final tuition amount. We’ll include a list of some universities with reasonable tuition and tuition deposits of $500 or less in this post.

8 Canadian Schools That Accept Payment on Arrival

1. Ambrose University

School Overview

Ambrose University is calling you if, as a Christian student, you value your faith just as highly as you value academic achievement. This uniquely Christian university with a variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes is situated in Calgary, Alberta. Since its founding in 1921, the school has grown to become a respected academic establishment dedicated to promoting academic success, a strong feeling of community, and Christian values.

Small class sizes at Ambrose University are well-known for enabling individualised learning experiences. Students can interact closely with instructors and other students when there is an emphasis on individualised attention, which promotes a sense of community and teamwork. This small-class setting fosters an environment that encourages both intellectual and personal development.


Ambrose University is one of the Canadian schools with low tuition that accept payment on arrival. First-year tuition costs range from $16,069.50 to $22,664.50. By the second year, you might pay less for some programmes, nevertheless. However, you are not required to pay the entire amount upfront in order to begin learning. The sole payment required is a $250 non-refundable tuition deposit. When all is said and done, this sum will be applied to your overall tuition. However, before you can sign up for classes, you must make this payment.

2. Dalhousie University

School Overview

Dalhousie University is another established academic institution. It is situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and has a great past. It is renowned for its dedication to innovation and research as well as for its academic brilliance. Since its founding in 1818, the school has gained a solid reputation for offering a demanding and all-encompassing education.

Through its cooperative education (co-op) programmes, the institution demonstrates its dedication to experiential learning. Students at Dalhousie have the chance to combine their academic coursework with real-world professional experience. Thus, they will be more employable after graduation. Particularly the Faculty of Management offers a robust co-op programme that links students with top companies and institutions.


Tuition at Dalhousie University can range from $25,950 to $40,800, depending on your programme and duration of study. You may, however, pay a $200 deposit to guarantee your entry in advance. Additionally, you must submit your residence application by the period specified. The remaining tuition can then be paid when you arrive.

3. St. Clair College

School Overview

One of the Canadian schools with low tuition that accept payment on arrival is St. Clair College. With several locations, including the main campus in Windsor and satellite campuses in Chatham and Toronto, this reputable university is situated in Ontario. The college was founded in 1966 and has a long history of offering top-notch instruction and training in a variety of subjects.

St. Clair College is renowned for its dedication to technology and innovation. Students at the institution can apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings because of its state-of-the-art facilities and labs, which mimic real-world working scenarios.


For overseas students, the tuition range at St. Clair College normally varies from $14,498 to $33,494. On the other hand, a $100 tuition deposit is required. This deposit must be made before a certain date. After that, you can pay the remaining tuition at a later time.

4. Centennial College

School Overview

One of Canada’s top universities, Centennial College is situated in Toronto, Ontario. Since its founding in 1966, the institution has grown to rank among the province’s biggest and most varied. Additionally, the school offers both offline and online programmes, ensuring that learning is accessible to everyone.

One of the biggest college campuses in Canada is the institution’s Progress Campus, which is situated in Scarborough. It has contemporary facilities, such as state-of-the-art studios, labs, and classrooms with technology. The Centennial College Residence, which offers convenient living options for students, is also located on Progress Campus.


Depending on your programme of study, Centennial College’s tuition for overseas students can range from $15,385.50 to $20,470.00. On the other hand, you can temporarily guarantee your entrance by making a $250 initial deposit. You can still ask Centennial to waive the tuition fee so you can sign up for classes if you are unable to pay the admittance deposit. As a result, it tops the list of Canadian schools with low tuition that accept payment on arrival. It would be wise for you to verify your eligibility for the waiver on the school website.

5. Niagara College

School Overview

The Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada is home to the esteemed Niagara College. The institution was founded in 1967 and is housed on two campuses: Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus and Welland Campus, which is located in Welland. Niagara College is renowned for its dedication to delivering real-world, experiential learning and building solid relationships with business partners.

The Niagara College Teaching Winery and Brewery is a noteworthy illustration of the college’s experiential learning methodology, providing students enrolled in wine, beer, and culinary programmes with real-world experience in their respective fields. A vast array of programmes in fields like business, hospitality, health sciences, technology, and community services are also available.


The cost of tuition at Niagara College varies based on the programme you select. For overseas students, it can, however, vary from $17,137 to $18,546. It is possible that you won’t pay the whole semester’s tuition in advance of your arrival. To guarantee your acceptance, you must, however, pay a $250 required tuition deposit that is neither refundable nor transferable.

6. University of New Brunswick Saint John

School Overview

The University of New Brunswick has two main campuses: one in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and the other in the University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNB Saint John). Located on the east coast of Canada, UNB Saint John provides a variety of graduate and undergraduate programmes in a number of subject areas. Academic programmes offered by the institution include a wide range of fields, including business, science, engineering, arts, and health sciences. So, whatever your professional aspirations, this place might have a spot for you.


This is one of the Canadian schools with low tuition that accept payment on arrival. An entrance payment of as little as $100 is required to guarantee your spot at UNB. However, you may have to pay up to $250 and $300, respectively, for specific programmes, such as UNB Fredericton Education and Nursing. However, they will return this money to your account after you start your courses. You can then appropriately pay for your tuition.

The programme you choose to pursue will determine how much tuition you need to pay. For up-to-date information on this, please send an email to for graduate tuition and fees, or for undergraduate fees and tuition.

7. Memorial University of Newfoundland

School Overview

Located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Memorial Institution of Newfoundland, also referred to as Memorial University or MUN, is a comprehensive institution. As a monument to the Newfoundlanders who died in World War I, it was founded in 1925. The university is now well-known for both its distinctive cultural setting and its robust academic offerings.

Memorial University stands out due to its deep ties to the history and culture of the area. Cultural events, folklore studies, and an emphasis on regional customs are just a few ways that the institution celebrates and preserves the legacy of Newfoundland and Labrador. This distinctive cultural setting gives students a clear sense of location while also adding to the university’s character.


Graduate programmes at MUN typically cost $6,390 to $15,600 in tuition annually. Conversely, the cost of tuition for students can range from $6,240 to $20,790. However, you can ensure your acceptance and obtain your study permit by paying a $300 tuition deposit if you are unable to make the payment before the deadline for admission. This makes it one of the Canadian schools with low tuition that accept payment on arrival.

8. University of Regina

School Overview

The University of Regina’s emphasis on indigenization and reconciliation is one of its distinctive features. Situated on Treaty 4 land, the university is dedicated to integrating Indigenous viewpoints into its research, academic offerings, and campus community. The establishment of the Aboriginal Student Centre, which offers support services and a meeting place for Indigenous students, is one of the initiatives towards indigenization. It also helps to foster an environment that is inclusive of all cultures.

Currently situated in Saskatchewan, the school was founded in 1911 and has since grown to become a vibrant centre of education with a variety of innovative programmes and projects.


International students’ tuition costs for undergraduate programmes range from $7,523 to $7,973 (CAD) for full-time study to $1,860 to $1,920 (CAD) for part-time study. However, more expensive master’s degrees can cost up to $32,901 or $29,910. However, in order to register for your courses at the University of Regina after being accepted, you must submit a $500.00 tuition deposit.


There are numerous Canadian schools with low tuition that accept payment on arrival. To guarantee your entry, you must, however, pay a deposit before entering the nation. Less than $500 is required for tuition deposits at the schools included in this article. This cost could, however, be altered at the school’s discretion. Additionally, you should be aware that the tuition deposit is a non-refundable charge. Therefore, you could not receive your money returned if for whatever reason you are unable to proceed with your admission.

Additionally, $36,100 is the average tuition cost for overseas students, according to EduCanada. You can find reasonably priced options to apply to and pursue your dream if you compare the tuition of the colleges listed in this post.