Organization ideas for laundry room

If you rarely visit your laundry room, due to the fuss, boredom and hard work that goes on around there, you might want to check out these organization ideas for laundry room. More so, if you have laundry as the topmost on your checklist, then you need to be concerned about how this utilitarian space looks. Especially being decluttered and operational.

Well, the laundry room is a space in the house that often gets bypassed regarding the organization. However, with some thoughtful planning, creativity and organization ideas for small laundry room, this section of your home can become well-organized and functional.

Thoughtfully, in this article, we will explore nine ideas for organizing laundry room.

Ideas For Organizing Laundry Room

1. Install Shelves

Organization ideas for laundry room

Truthfully, you cannot stay with laundry. So, adding shelves to your laundry room can be a great way to improve orderliness, create additional storage space or even help maximize your storage space.

And you can use the shelves to store laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry-related items, especially in a way to keep them out of reach for children.

2. Include Baskets

Organized laundry room using baskets

Baskets are very important! And are an excellent way to keep your laundry room organized. You can use them to store dirty laundry, clean towels, and other items.

Baskets are also great for organizing smaller items, such as dryer sheets and clothespins. Varying sizes of baskets too can be used to organize and store varying linen.

3. Install A Hanging Rod

Organization ideas for laundry room

Hanging rods are an excellent idea for organizing the laundry room if you have lots of shirts. This is an addition to any laundry room because it helps keep all clothes unrumpled.

Moreover, you can use it to hang other clothes that need to air dry or to hang freshly ironed clothes.

4. Use Hooks

hooks for clothes

 Another perfect organization ideas for laundry room is the hook. With this in the room, anyone can go in there pick up and get them in their place. Thus avoiding a home accident.

Invariably, hooks are a versatile storage solution that can be used to hang items such as brooms, mops, and ironing boards. You can also use hooks to hang laundry bags and baskets.

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5. Label Everything

Organization ideas for laundry room

If you have kids walking into the laundry room without your consent, you need the labelling idea. Labelling your storage containers, detergent, washing chemicals and baskets can help you keep your laundry room organized.

Use a label maker or printable labels to make sure everything is clearly labelled and kept out of reach too.

6. Use A Rolling Cart

Organization ideas for laundry room

Ever seen how a rolling cart works? Easy and serviceable. It makes everything work easier. However, it’s a great way to include additional storage and functionality in your laundry room.

You can use it to store laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other items. You can also use it to transport laundry from room to room.

7. Use A Tension Rod

You will be needing a tension rod if more clothes are added to the laundry. Well, this rod can be used to create additional storage space in your laundry room. You can use it to hang cleaning supplies or to create a drying rack for delicate items. 

8. Create A Folding Station

Organization lessen clutter

Creating a folding station in your laundry room can make folding laundry a breeze. Install a table or countertop where you can fold laundry, and add storage for laundry baskets and supplies.

To note, these ideas to organize laundry room are dope as it looks more presentable and less cluttered when it is well folded from end to end and sorted by colour and size.

9. Use The Back Of The Door

Organization ideas for laundry room

The back of the laundry room door is often overlooked or not even seen as a space to aid the organization. This will be of an important use especially when it’s a small laundry space. Use it to hang a shoe organizer or hooks to store smaller items.

Final words

There are many organization ideas for laundry room that can help you create a functional and well-organized space. By adding shelves, baskets, hooks, and other storage solutions, you can create a space that makes doing laundry easier and more enjoyable.

Use these tips to get started on organizing your laundry room today. If there’s any organizational tip for the bathroom you believe we omitted, please let us know by leaving a comment below.