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7 Living Room Design Trends That Are Here to Stay in the USA

In a bid to give your space a new look this New Year, make sure your space represents you. And to get it right, these living room design trends USA come in handy here as a tour guide. This look might be just a quick refresh within your living room or a total revamp. Either way, this alteration is to give your place of safety and comfort an appealing look and feel.

Let’s compare the headboard in your bedroom to the decor in your living room and determine which one makes a bigger statement. We believe that the living room makes a bigger statement because it’s the focal point of your house. When someone walks into your home, this area speaks volumes about you.

So, while making choices on living room design trends USA, understand the different types of designs and decide on which is suiting from the biophilic living room design, sustainable living room furniture wholistic designs, multifunctional living room spaces, bold colour palettes in the rooms, statement ceilings in living rooms and lots more.

In all, there are a variety of designs available that are sure to meet your taste and style preferences. Whether you prefer a monochrome look, a splash of colours, handmade designs, or vintage styles, you can get creative and flexible with living room design trends in the USA to give your living space a unique and personalized touch.

7 Living Room Design Trends In the USA

1. Bold Color Palettes

This living room design shows your creativity and flexibility. Bold colour palettes show how you can combine and play around with colours. Hence, making a beautiful canvas within your living room. This space design gives a tone of colourful upholstery and jewel tones combo.

Yea! Gone are the days when all white makes a statement. This bright color combination be it Gold, Lilac, Mint Green, Velvet, and other colors gives your space a vibrant look. Note that, incorporating these elements enables us to bring our personality into our room, without going full maximalist,” says the founder of Backup Design, Elizabeth Backup.

2. Vintage Room Design

Give your living room an archaic yet unique and classy look with this choice of design. This design type is simply an incorporation of designs of past eras, giving nostalgia and a never-ageing aesthetic.

Get this décor done by combining neat midcentury furniture pieces and a few antique pieces like sofas, side tables, and coffee table detailing. Also, reupholstering keys in. This is the creativity. Inspired vintage fabrics to renew the old furniture.

Yeah! Come upon the walls with vintage-inspired art and photography, clocks, and mirrors. The shelf can also be decorated with vintage glass wares, pottery, and ceramics. All of this makes a statement. In vintage design, don’t be afraid to do you and as well give your decor a blend of eclectic mix; and mismatched furniture. It’s your space, style you.

3. Biophilic Room Design

If your living room space is well-lighted, you would want to have a look at this living room design. Also, if you are a lover of nature and greenery, it’s time to bring it home. Incorporate the biophilic room design into your living room décor to help you connect to natural elements and boost reconnection. Hence creating an avenue to help one reduce stress, and promote well-being, comfort, and aesthetic bliss.

Every choice of material within this space from the furniture, décor, wall prints, and should scream nature.
The furniture, should be bamboo made, make sure your space choice has large windows and glass doors to accommodate light. You will need all of it for these plants and greenery. Now, introduce indoor plants as well as wall paintings, table covers, and rugs that are naturally inspired.

Give the painting to the living room burst of nature-inspired colours such as green, brown, and other earthy tones. You may include nature-inspired artworks and even an aquarium. All of these resonate with nature giving your living room a calm, harmonious tranquility and a healthy connection to the natural world in your confine.

4. Multifunctional Living Room Design

This design screams luxury, class, and style. You have a large living room space and even if it’s a small space, recreate it, make it pull up double duty, and serve you all round. This design best serves you to work remotely and create your office space, even a content creator, bookshelf, musical corner, and dining. This choice of décor requires proper attention and a touch of minimalism to avoid clutter.

The furniture and design combination here includes foldable and modular furniture, wall-mounted and convertible furniture, adjustable lighting and dual-purpose storage, foldable desks, and room dividers.

All of this should enhance and improve your room décor. More so, all of this should create a space that flexibly sorts the entire needs of the household hence being in shape, and style and maintaining its beauty.

5. Dark Moody Tones Room Design

If your style depicts coziness and calmness, this should be your choice of room décor. Dark and moody colors are here to stay and this choice is never out of trend. Even with these rich and captivating colour choices like burgundy, turquoise, and sound brown which are nearly neutral slightly wade off with the trend.

Cozy room colours and designs are still winning and never wrong with it. The cozy design gives a feel of a home. Well while at it, most person still loves to incorporate other rich colors into their room accessories. By this, they create a blend.

6. Fluted Details Room Design

Fluting designs are unconventional and they scream luxury. This design choice refers to a decorative element that involves the use of vertical columns, and channels, and its architectural features give off sophistication and a wild vision interest. So, if you decide to do fluting, it must be detailed all around. From the furniture, sofas, wall decors, and all décor inclusive.

Ranging from the cabinets, furniture, columns and pillars, glasses, a fluted mould painted with a contrasting colour to stand out in the room, upholstery, and lighting features. All of these in the room are fluted designed and are placed at focal points in the room to make a statement. However, strike a balance in other to avoid clutter and overwhelming the space.

7. Warmer Soft Tone Room Design

If these living room design trends USA are gender-based décor, then this choice of design should be feminine. In creating a room design with this tone, you are considering tones that evoke gentility, comfort, and relaxation. Well, here are ideas combo to give you a warmer soft-tone design. For the wall painting, choose beige, apricot, peach, or warm grey. These colours create an appealing backdrop for other furniture in the living room.

From here, opt for soft-coloured furniture and cabinets with colours like soft pink, sky blue, and other warm earthy colours like corals. Layered textured accessories, flowered vases, soft lighting, and artwork. And an inclusion of in-door plants that complement your space. This greenery gives you a subtle connection to nature.

To create this, be simple and avoid monotony. Just pick pieces of décor that are visually appealing, serene, soft, and welcoming.

Conclusively, let’s all give these interior decorators a thumbs up. It takes so much to curate and give us designs that are trendy and up-to-date. So, if you want to be updated and not left out, stick with us.

However, which of these living room designs would you be trying out soonest either for revamping or decorating your new space? Let’s hear your view in the comment section. We will be waiting.

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