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Gardening – How And When To Plant Sunflower

When to plant a sunflower? Well, it will be correct to say that the presence of a blooming sunflower depicts that “summer is around the corner”. Moreover, it’s amazing to have sunflowers amongst other flowers in your courtyard or within your space if you are a lover of greenery.

Especially when the steps to grow it isn’t much of a herculean task. Since it thrives in every geographical condition including the tropics.

So, when plant sunflowers? Well, if you are on the journey to get information as to when and how to plant this easy-to-grow and attractive pollinating plant. You are right on time.

Also, Sunflowers are easy to cultivate the plant, are heat tolerant, pest resistant and grow healthy in any weather as against Peomy, wild columbine and Bee balm, these flowers cannot thrive in tropical regions.

Agreeably, the tip on sunflowers when to plant them in any part of the world is important. So, you must take to the steps on gardening. Importantly these gorgeous plant sits pretty amongst other flowers.

Moreover, even florists use these plants for outdoor event displays and garden décor. However, let’s see how and when to plant this giant yellow flower that sits pretty on its stalk.

Things You Need

  • Manure
  • Humid soil
  • Plastic container
  • Sunflower seed
  • Large flowerpot
  • Small water can

How To Plant Sunflower

Process of planting a sunflower

Sunflowers can be easy to grow. Yet, there is guidance to observe. So, get planting already. Also, this becomes more fun if it’s a challenge or task maybe.

  • Fill in compost and humid soil in a plastic container. Then bore in holes of about 11/2 inches deep into the soil for the sunflower seed.
  • Place sunflower seeds into these holes and cover them up. Then pour in little water to dampen it.
  • Keep your plastic container where it can get enough sunlight within your space and add little water once it feels dry.
  • Monitor it for 1-2 weeks. Hence, the seed should have germinated and its shoot surfaces out of the soil. Once noticed, get a diary and note the growth process. Daily and weekly.
  •  Once the plant has outgrown the container, it’s time to transplant. If you don’t have a garden transplant and plant on the field 6 inches apart get it to a large flower pot. Note that that place must be warm.
  • Keep the watch for 8 weeks and more. This is the period it takes to grow a sunflower from seed to maturity.  During this period, make sure the plant never goes dry and always water the plant.
  • After the plant matures, there is a need to preserve and store up the sunflower seed.  Birds and other animals feed on them. So, after the head of the sunflower starts to turn brown, harvest and dry it. Next, rub to loosen the seeds. Then store.

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When To Plant Sunflower

When To Plant A Sunflower

Sunflower thrives in any condition. However, there is a need to know the right time when to plant a sunflower. Also, its varieties which are native to America are a determiner too. These are:

  • Annual helianthus
  • Perennial helianthus
  • tithonia

Sunflowers are annual plants. Hence they grow and wither within a year. Additionally, this plant has a variable time to plant which differs from the country. Like in the Northern half of the USA and in Canada it’s between April and Mid-June. While in the South, it’s between Mid March and April.

Additionally, it’s safe to have Sunflowers seeds planted in the garden. If not, use flower pots or plastic containers. Importantly the soil should be warm to at least 10oC

Sunflowers have tap roots. Hence, it’s advised they are planted directly in the field. Instead of transplanting the seedlings.  

However, there are other options as to when to plant a sunflower which is:

  •  Early spring – Indoors under a grow light
  • Mid spring – Plant them outdoors directly in the garden
  • Winter – Plant in small containers and keep them outdoors, this is termed winter sowing


Sunflower is an exceptional flower that stands out amongst other flowers in your garden or an exhibition. Also, it’s important you take to the right procedure to grow it. Since it thrives so well Irrespective of the weather. But if wrongly accomplished may not thrive regardless.

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