Companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs

It is far simpler to obtain employment overseas with a recognised certification than it is to do so without one. Finding a company ready to sponsor your work visa for such a position is even more challenging. A small number of businesses do, nevertheless, sponsor visas for jobs requiring no certification. Several of these businesses are well-known and provide various job positions. We will cover a few of these companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs and the various possible career paths they provide in this article.

7 Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship for No Certificate Jobs

1. Walmart

The company’s retail operations are its main area of recognition. But over time, Walmart has broadened its business, venturing into new markets including digital streaming, financial services, and e-commerce ( It is a major participant in the business world because of its impact on local economies and the retail industry. This company, which employs thousands of people, is among companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs. Among these positions are:

  • Cashiers: Cashiers manage consumer transactions, run cash registers, and offer consumers prompt, amiable service.
  • Sales Associate: Sales associates work on the sales floor, advising customers, refilling shelves, and maintaining a clean and organised shopping environment.
  • Customer Service Agent: Customer service agents help consumers with questions, swaps, and refunds. Additionally, they might respond to common questions at the customer care desk.
  • Cap Team Associate: The CAP (Customer Availability Programme) team is in charge of stocking shelves, unloading goods from delivery vehicles, and making sure that customers can easily access the products.
  • Trainee Pharmacy Technician: Trainee pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists with duties like filling prescriptions, distributing medication, and providing customer service. Some places might offer training while working.
  • Associate for Online Grocery Pickup: Employees in this position complete online grocery orders, choosing and packing products for clients who choose curbside pickup.

2. Amazon

Amazon is a global technology and e-commerce corporation that conducts a variety of commercial activities. As a result, there are numerous jobs that could not require a lot of qualifications. These are some potential roles you could discover there since it is one of the companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs:

  • Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives respond to questions and concerns from Amazon users. They can help with queries and issues pertaining to orders and can be reached by phone, chat, or email.
  • Warehouse Associate: Picking, packing, and delivering client orders are among the duties performed by warehouse colleagues in Amazon’s fulfilment centres. They might make use of tools like handheld electronics and forklifts.
  • Data Entry Clerk: The precise input and updating of data into Amazon’s systems is the responsibility of data entry clerks. Tasks like inventory management and order tracking may be part of this function.
  • Amazon Prime Now Shopper: Shoppers help to complete orders placed by customers for Amazon’s two-hour delivery service, Prime Now. They might choose and package goods for prompt delivery when working in a grocery shop.
  • Sortation Associate: Packages must be arranged and sorted by destination by sortation associates. This function is essential to the logistics process.
  • Delivery Driver (Amazon Flex): To deliver packages to consumers, Amazon Flex drivers utilise their own cars. Given that drivers select their own delivery blocks, this position gives flexibility.
  • Whole Foods Shopper: Whole Foods shoppers help to complete Amazon customers’ online shopping orders. They pick and pack products for delivery within Whole Foods locations.

3. Compass Group

Compass Group is an international provider of contract food service and support services, with operations in the food and dining, facilities management, and hospitality sectors. Due to its adaptability, there are a lot of job options. It is also one of the companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs. These positions could involve:

  • Cashiers: Cashiers manage register transactions, process payments from clients, and deliver top-notch client support. They might work at corporate dining establishments and healthcare facilities, among other Compass Group venues.
  • Retail Sales Associate: Retail sales associates assist clients with purchases, refill items, and keep the retail area neat and orderly while working in on-site retail locations.
  • Barista: Baristas manage cash transactions, make and serve coffee and other drinks, and keep the coffee serving area tidy and orderly.
  • Food Service Employee: Food service employees help with a variety of duties in the kitchen or dining room, including cleaning, serving, and preparing meals. They might be employed by hospitals, schools, or corporate dining establishments.
  • Housekeepers: Housekeepers are in charge of keeping a variety of locations clean, such as hotels, business offices, and medical facilities. Responsibilities may be cleaning common areas, rooms and restrooms.
  • Warehouse Worker: This employee is responsible for managing inventories, receiving and sorting shipments, and making sure goods are prepared for delivery.
  • Concession Stand Attendant: Concession stand attendants provide consumers with food and drinks during events in locations such as stadiums or entertainment centres.
  • Catering Assistant: Assisting with setup, serving meals, and cleanup for events, catering assistants support catering businesses. This position could entail helping out at conferences, weddings, or other special occasions.
  • Facilities Technician: These professionals offer routine upkeep and assistance. They might take care of little fixes, equipment upkeep, and general facility maintenance.

4. Hilton

As a multinational hospitality organisation, Hilton provides a range of entry-level jobs that could require little to no formal training. Occasionally, they assist competent individuals in travelling abroad to work for any of their subsidiaries. Hence, Hilton is among the companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs. Here are a few positions that may be available:

  • Waitstaff/Server: In hotel restaurants or banquet spaces, servers take orders, serve food and drinks, and make sure that patrons have a pleasurable dining experience.
  • Front Desk Employee: Front desk employees welcome visitors, assist with check-in and check-out, answer questions and concerns from guests, and provide information about hotel amenities.
  • Porter/Bell Attendant: Porters help visitors with their bags, provide them with hotel information and sometimes even help with transportation or other services.
  • Housekeeping Attendant: To maintain a tidy and welcoming atmosphere, housekeeping attendants are in charge of cleaning and maintaining guest rooms, common areas, and public places.
  • Bartender: In addition to preparing and serving drinks at restaurants, lounges, and hotels, bartenders may converse with patrons to foster a friendly environment.
  • Kitchen Steward/Dishwasher: Cleaning dishes, utensils, and kitchen equipment is the responsibility of kitchen stewards and dishwashers. They assist kitchen workers in keeping their workspace tidy and orderly.
  • Driver/Shuttle Bus Driver: While transporting visitors to and from the hotel, airport, or other nearby locations, drivers or shuttle bus drivers make sure the trip is secure and comfortable.
  • Concierge: Concierge personnel help visitors by providing information about transportation, nearby attractions, and other services. They could also assist in setting up special requests and making reservations.
  • Fitness Centre Attendant: Hotel gym attendants keep an eye on and help patrons while making sure all equipment is in working order and upholding a hygienic and secure exercise space.

5. Ikea

To work at Ikea, you don’t have to be an interior designer. Ikea is a global supplier of home furnishings, but it is also one of the companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs. Sponsorship is available for prospective workers to work at any branch of the organisation where their services are required. Here are a few positions that may be available:

  • Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives answer questions from consumers, handle exchanges or returns, and give details on merchandise and store policies.
  • Home Delivery Driver: These individuals deliver heavy products, such as furniture, to the homes of their clients. They deliver goods safely and on time, and they offer top-notch customer support.
  • Sales Associate: Sales associates help consumers, give product information, and make sure they have a good shopping experience while working on the sales floor.
  • Cashier: At the checkout, cashiers manage customer transactions, run cash registers, and offer prompt, courteous service.
  • Warehouse Worker: Workers in warehouses are responsible for receiving, storing, and removing goods from storage. This could entail keeping storage rooms tidy and loading and unloading trucks.
  • Cart Retrieval Attendant: Shopping cart recovery attendants are responsible for gathering and arranging shopping carts in the store parking lot so that the outside looks tidy.

6. McDonald’s

Among the companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs is the well-known McDonald’s. It’s a chain of fast-food restaurants. As a result, there are many opportunities for these jobs. All you have to do is find the opportunities and conduct your due diligence. Here are a few potential employment roles:

  • Kitchen Workers: Workers in the kitchen prepare meals, putting together sandwiches, burgers, and other menu items. They guarantee food safety and cleanliness while adhering to set recipes.
  • Crew Member: Crew members work in the kitchen, drive-thru, and front counter, among other locations. In addition to preparing meals and taking orders, they also keep the workplace tidy and productive.
  • Cashiers: Cashiers process orders, deal with consumer transactions, and offer prompt, courteous service. They could also be in charge of keeping the area in front of the counter tidy.
  • Maintenance Worker: The maintenance worker’s duties include changing lightbulbs, mending equipment, and taking care of minor maintenance problems in the restaurant.
  • Grill Cook: To create grilled foods like burgers and chicken, grill chefs use grills and other cooking appliances. They uphold quality standards and adhere to cooking protocols.
  • Drive-Thru Attendant: Drive-thru attendants handle payments, receive orders from patrons utilising the drive-thru lane, and work with the kitchen staff to ensure that orders are prepared promptly.
  • Customer Service Staff: Customer service staff answer questions, deal with complaints from clients, and make sure visitors have a good time. They could be employed in the eating area or at the front counter.
  • Delivery Driver (McDelivery): Delivery drivers deliver food orders to clients’ locations in areas where McDelivery is offered. They either use delivery cars supplied by the corporation or their own cars.
  • Cleaner/Janitor: Janitors and cleaners are in charge of keeping the restaurant’s dining areas, toilets, and kitchen areas tidy.

7. Gap Inc.

Global retailer of apparel and accessories, Gap Inc., offers a range of entry-level jobs that usually require little to no significant certification. As a result, it is among the companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs. Among these positions are:

  • Brand Specialist: Brand specialists help customers choose and learn about products by having extensive knowledge of particular product lines.
  • Sales Associate: Sales associates assist customers, fold and arrange items, and handle register transactions while working on the sales floor.
  • Cashier: At the checkout, cashiers manage customer transactions, run cash registers, and offer prompt, courteous service.
  • Shipping and reception Clerk: Shipment reception, inventory processing, and product preparation for the sales floor are among the responsibilities performed by shipping and receiving clerks.
  • Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives answer questions from consumers, handle exchanges or returns, and give details on merchandise and store policies.
  • Floor Supervisor: Managing employees, making sure customers are satisfied, and keeping the area tidy and orderly are all under the daily control of floor supervisors on the sales floor.
  • Fitting Room Attendant: Fitting room attendants help patrons with apparel fittings, oversee the upkeep of the fitting rooms, and ensure that goods are returned to the sales floor.


As was mentioned, there are several companies offering visa sponsorship for no certificate jobs. These opportunities are usually less numerous than those for occupations requiring certification, though. But you can find out which position is open at any particular time by doing a little additional research on the businesses that are mentioned below. You should also be aware that not every position at these organisations was mentioned, nor were all the businesses that might sponsor this visa noted. Still, it’s an excellent starting point.