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7 DIY Bathroom Remodeling Projects to Transform Your Space in the UK

If you had to choose between starting all over or remodeling, which would you prefer? Well, remodeling or updating can be a more cost-effective option we think. As it won’t require you to spend a lot of money or dip into your savings to get it done. Therefore, let’s choose to remodel over starting all over. Nowadays, DIY bathroom remodeling projects can be done on a budget. And, here are some tips to help you achieve the desired look and feel for your bathroom.

So, if the current state of your bathroom looks mundane or you have always had that thought of remodeling someday! This DIY bathroom renovation UK design that has been homely and welcoming for years is an inspiration. To tell you that your dream is long overdue. Get a makeover.

The first step to getting this done is, imagining a new plan for your space. How do you like it?
Remodeling your bathroom simply is a process that allows you to make your present space more functional without completely tearing down walls, floors, or even cabinets.
To achieve this, you may think of changing the bathroom colours, and structures, refinishing surfaces, replacing old toilets and bathtubs, and including storage, greenery, and even lightings. In all, an eco-friendly bathroom UK should be a standard.

While structures or fixtures align and your safety is not compromised. Depending on the aesthetic, some bathroom remodel ideas can be done in a day, while others will require a longer timeline. Here are 7 ideas for DIY bathroom remodeling projects to get you started on your journey.

7 DIY Ideas to Upcycle Bathroom UK

1. Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding baths will be a great asset to your bathroom if you’re looking to add some contemporary charm, make a bold statement, or add a little character. With more people going for spa-themed spaces, a freestanding bath is the perfect option to create your sanctuary.

Bathtubs make the bathroom space feel like home after a long day. Especially when the tub is being prepared rightly with your favourite essential oil and flavours.

But this structure in the bathroom can bogously take up a lot of space and look bulky, unstylish, and outdated said the owner of Honeycomb Home Design in Shell Beach, California.

The reason a freestanding bathtub is seen as a go-to. Since they are stylish, elegant, timeless, and easier to refresh. One thing you should note is that this bathtub is rare to find. You should keep that in mind before embarking.

2. Give It a Bold Bathroom Wallpaper

Lighten your bathroom space by removing the dark wallpapers and replacing them with lighted bold wallpaper. You should know to never underestimate the beauty of wallpapers. So, make your choice wisely. We would advise you to pick the choicest designs from floral to colourful patterns. Just choose bold colours that would complement your bathroom designs. This idea is affordable especially if you are on a budget. This is budget bathroom makeover UK.

Since this is far cheaper than tiles. Don’t sleep on it! Bathroom wallpaper adds stunning pop-out and a burst of colour too. You can also replace a familiar coloured wallpaper with your favorite tiles. This is an upgrade on a whole new level, as seen here.
The focal point here is not just the wallpapers but the decor and arrangements done using it in the bathroom. Especially at wall corners that don’t have access to splashes of water. Not to forget, you’ll need to seal the paper with the decorator’s varnish once you have hung it.

3. Insure A Bright and Open Bathroom Layout

If your bathroom appears dark and cluttered, it may be due to a lack of space and storage. A helpful tip for small bathroom ideas in the UK is to incorporate a closet, storage, and counter space to make the area seem more spacious. You may also want to consider updating outdated fixtures, such as glassware, to improve the lighting.

More so, this bright space idea does more than a remodeling project furnishing. It also keeps the bathroom cool, welcoming, neat, and free from home accidents.

4. DIY Industrial Shelving

Get to craft your industrial-style shelving using pipes, PVCs, crates, or reclaimed wood. These shelves you can use for displaying, your skincare products, decorative items, folded towels, or even the in-house plants. These DIY Bathroom Remodeling Projects give a unique and modern element to your bathroom.

These bathroom spaces lack space for toiletries. This handy attachment to the wall and has a rail for a towel too. Hence, this shelving method helps the bathroom to remain uncluttered. Attaching a slim minimalist shelf to the wall above will also provide you with space for your prettier toiletries and shampoo. too. You should treat your bathroom just like you would any other room in the house. Also, include greenery and other furnishing accessories.

5. Vintage Mirror Frame Upgrade

Bathroom mirror ideas are a work of art. And they deliver on aesthetics and practicality. After all, bathroom mirrors always let you know when there’s something green stuck in your teeth and they never judge you for staring. Seriously, though, they can help you achieve your loftiest bathroom design goals. The vintage bathroom mirror can contribute a sense of spaciousness, enhance the natural light, or play the role of a window if there isn’t one. So, elevate the wall of your bathroom with this tip. They are even quick and cost-effective. This is a way to make your space feel fresh too.

For that luxurious yet chic look, go vintage! That old mirror you have lying on the wall, frame it with reclaimed wood. After this, paint the frame to match your desired aesthetic. More so, to give your bathroom theta charm and beauty, Place it medially. Let it make a statement.

6. DIY Spa-Inspired Bath Tray

Get your bathroom ready to give yourself a spa feel. After a long week, you are sure to worry not. Rather grit yourself and your loved one on a spa date in your own space. Start by creating a spa-like ambiance by ensuring your bath tray for holding candles, books, or a glass of wine. Check out and use waterproof materials like treated wood for durability. This simple remodeling can turn your bath into a luxurious retreat.

Cut-outs are the easiest way to make cup holders and tea lights. But they’re not your only option. This DIY bath tray approach, with a thin flat bottom and raised sides to hold your bath items. The edges are black to contrast the nude plywood base. For added aesthetics and functionality, the tray is fitted with firm brass handles. Don’t forget to seal it!

7. Smart Storage Solutions

This gives a minimalist design. An upcycle bathroom is the inspiration. Here, a floating cabinet can be used. Use baskets or decorative containers to keep toiletries organized. You can also incorporate your old rack or even an old ladder well-painted for hanging towels, robes, plants, and more. The aim is to save space, reduce clutter, and avail rustic yet unique decor.

Include these cabinets on either side of your bathroom. Not only will they frame the unit nicely, but they’ll provide lots of extra storage.

Finally, transforming or revamping your bathroom space sometimes screams growth and a need to stylishly change. This doesn’t have to be a herculean task if you make your inquiry from us. All of these DIY projects offer a mix of creativity, functionality, class, and a touch of British charm. You should get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your toolbox while having this content as a guide. Begin on a journey to renew your bathroom space right here in the UK.

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